Do I have to wait for someone to nominate me / my business or do I enter myself/my business?

If you wish to enter the 2019 Orange Outstanding Business Awards, you can either self-nominate or a member of the public can nominate you. If you are nominated by someone else, you will receive an email notification.


Can I enter multiple categories?

Yes, you can enter as many categories as you like, this year we have simplified the entry form so you can enter multiple categories in the one form.


How the awards are judged?

The awards are judged by the submission you supply.


Who are the judges?

The judges range from various fields of expertise, they are not based in Orange and have no affiliation to the Orange Business Chamber or any of our suppliers or sponsors. The judges can change from year to year, some may be located interstate.


Do I need to advertise to win?

How you decide to market your business is entirely up to yourself and your marketing budget. Advertising agencies have no sway on the voting process.


Have any other questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact the Orange Business Chamber on 0423 212 377 or 0417 663 687. Email –